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JoJo that’s not how it works ok


JoJo that’s not how it works ok


such pretty skies

i was told….

customers who wanna start some shit  (via karencartwright)


Does anybody else remember how amazing this TV show was? I legitimately miss watching Kim Possible.






The Batman that cares about the inmates is my favorite. He doesn’t put up with their shit, but he does try to reach out here and there and he’s as human as he can be to them.

When Harley was re-institutionalized, he got her that dress she wanted.

In the comics based on B:tAS, there was a time during Christmas that there was snow and it was Mr. Freeze’s fault, and he was making it snow because Christmas was his anniversary with Nora and she LOVED it when it snowed on Christmas, so Batman let him finish mourning before calmly taking him back to Arkham.

He never, ever gives up on Harvey possibly recovering.

Sure, Batman is going to throw punches and do what it takes to take these guys down when they’re hurting or threatening people. And he’s not going be a complete bleeding heart; he has to protect the innocent. He’s going to take them down and take them back to Arkham, but it doesn’t mean he’s incapable of being a bit human to the ones who deserve it.

Jesus Christ I remember this episode when I was little and I was fucked up at the end of it.

I really need to watch this series again

I’ve never understood why so many people try to make Batman a psychotic jerk driven by a need for vengeance. I prefer THIS Batman: One who is driven, haunted and obsessed, but one who does it all because he wants to help people.

Rina Takeda [x]


other funny gifs - http://gifini.com/


other funny gifs - http://gifini.com/